Japan 2013

Every year my family and I pack up for a trip to Tokyo. My wife was born and raised there and her entire family still lives there. It’s definitely become more routine over the years… but I never tire of it. My family there is fantastic and I’ve grown to love the country like a second home. …and the food! I don’t need to say much more about that, do I?

The one thing I never will enjoy is the practically weeklong jetlag I deal with every time. Out of all the traveling I’ve done, I think Japan has the worst jetlag. It’s 13 hours different, literally the exact opposite schedule of home. I find myself wandering around in a daze for the first 4 or so days I’m there every time. This trip I decided to try and make use of my dazed, early rising state and set out to try and make a surreal set of pictures of urban Tokyo life. Some of the little scenes I see when wandering around because nobody else in the house is awake ¬†yet.

See you in 2014 Tokyo, I miss you already.

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